Art and Criminality

Art is criminality because the law demands it : Though not all criminality is art!

We artists are foul dogs and pigs and weasels,

and not beautiful princes and princesses

WE stabbed you in the bath for a quick kick

All the better to paint you Marat

And that first great Revolution with It’s bloody terror;

Art demands fresh heads,

The guillotine; the first great modern artistic invention: How else to grasp the history of modernist social progression, when all that is left of our social revolutions, with their Liberty, Equality, Fraternity – prior to that, Faith, Hope and Charity – is the art? Hanging in the state museum, beautiful pictures of psychopathic social tendencies, on a massive scale, or put another way, society’s tendency to be psycopathic on a massive scale, with absolutely no pretense to the original demands of the revolution that spawned them. As if working in reverse the perfect painting of criminality – terror – got everything it could have wished for in a subject; whilst the subject (social revolution) never really took place. The whole of modern art progresses towards a refinement of this process; First World War poetry (from the war to end all wars, that started the biggest war in history), the tomb of the unknown soldier, as art installation (lest we might forget, yet we did forget, that’s why he’s the unknown soldier and dead), Vietnam War Photography as coffee table books (and we forget to look at them) then a complete convergence of art/war, with the real time broadcast of the twin towers collapse. We are left with a hollow image stuck on a loop. Played forever, as if perfectly arranged to illicit maximum audience interest (maximum audience participation?). Art and life finally meet, albeit in a wholly empty and negative fashion (and we even forget, that this isn’t just art, it’s about war – lest we forget; only it actually is a war, and we’ve forgotten it!). This is art as criminally insane; but not art it’s criminal best, which is the sound of the beating drum that precedes the revolution; the call to arms that calls for a ban on arms. Not the hijacking of reality for artistic pleasure, but the hijacking of art for the sake of our reality.


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