A four letter word.

Two, in fact.

– ‘Work’ and ‘Love’: the two things that Freud apparently said that we need to know how to do if we want to lead a happy life.

Neither in fact are at all workable without the other: Freud arguably meant that we need to love work and work at love.

What’s probelmatic here is the way in which work has been consigned by leftist and anarchist groups over the years to imply being somehow subjugated, and by others as merely being a means to earn money, whereas work fundamentally means the process of deepening your understanding and ability in any given field, and need not entail financial reward or coercive force on the part of an employer.

And this muddying of the word ‘work’, by extension leads people to forego love altogether, or to expect it to be easy.

We need to get over the idea of work as a ‘dirty’ four letter word, as nothing of value, creatively speaking, ever fell from a tree. Dreaming whole tracts of a text you’ve been struggling to work upon in your waking hours does happen, but that is not to say that the time spent struggling when you were awake would have been better spent sleeping !


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