Joan Of Art

There are some tens of art galleries worldwide that carry the name ‘Joan of Art’. It is almost as if the replacing of that final ‘C’ with a ‘T’, whilst secularising one of Christianity’s biggest contemporary mass appeal Saints, is not enough. A kitsch art shop must then be born to nullify the ‘Art’ aspect too!


Interestingly this attests to the problem of ‘Art’ itself, namely that the genre ‘Art’ cannot be done justice to in the objective realm. Galleries and artworks categorise and spoil the promise of Art. In this sense, it is to an ethereal ‘Art Saint’, an imagined figure who’s non-existence in reality tallies with the imperative that Art must not be spoiled by its objectification, that we must look.

We could then declare the unreachable, the non-existent, ‘Spirit’ as ‘Art’, like an artistic Readymade, thus demonstrating that what especially inheres in the artwork, is never its objectivity, never the work itself. The work merely obfuscates what is unique about Art; its lack of use, lack of value, lack, indeed, of existence in a world where where a categorised use, a value and therefore a tangible ‘existence’ are deemed essential accrediting factors necessary for the idenitifcation, and homogenization of all objects.

Art’s resistance – the residue of it that is still discernible – can then remain, in its status as utterly illusory. We must set aside the artwork, and hail Joan of Art, because she doesn’t exist.


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