Speculative Realism Live! Bristol 2009.

(l-r); Meillassoux, Drums and ‘Hums’; Harman, Vocals, Electric Bass; Brassier, Rhythm Guitar (Chunky Riffs), Backing Vox; Hamilton-Grant, Lead Guitar, Noodles and Samples.

Yes, they’re back and in good form, riffing on the twin ideas ‘we don’t exist’ and ‘we don’t much mind’.

Tub-thumper Meillassoux is out, suffering perhaps from a Gardening related injury (actually, we have no idea why, we hope he’s back soon).

A replacement comes in the form of the able Toscano, who will join original group members Brassier, Harman and Hamilton-Grant.

24th April 2009, UWE Bristol.

Be there or be a Post-Kant.

Speculative Track Listing:

Christ, Don’t Mention God to Me
Aren’t we ‘Dead’ Yet? – Yes, we’re Not!
Bring me the Head of Logical Regression
Unchained Melody (Nihil Reprise)

For commemorative t-shirts of the above print, e-mail; logicalregression@gmail.com. 12.50 gbp (plus postage) payable by paypal.

Concept: Mike Watson
Design: Sam Cox
Original: http://www.cinestatic.com/infinitethought/uploaded_images/IMG_7707-769965.JPG

(CC) Creative Commons. Some Rights Reserved on Image. You have full rights to post to your own blog, to print and distribute, with acknowledgement of the artists, via link, or similar.


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